A surfboard brand designed for your summer.

Featuring an advanced shape, available with either soft top or hard top, our surfboards adapt to your requirements and offer a reliable solution with high durability, for those sunny days at the beach with your tribe of friends.

For summer nomads and salty friendships, sun driven minds who seek their own break to share among the tribe, and a warm night to recall stories of other waves. Fun is the name of the game and joy its final destination.



“A brand that we use to solve all our needs in terms of surfboards, because of the variety of models. The durability of the premium surfboards is exceptional, as well as other features such as comfort on transportation of the surfboards or the fact that we have not had accidents with the Flowt.

Many of our customers are Scandinavian and therefore very tall, and we felt that the SUP 8ft model solved the problems of flotation we had with these initiates in class without increasing the height of the board.

Also, especially in Sri Lanka, hard top models make all the difference in the evolution of slightly more advanced surfers, with an easy paddle and great stability.”

João Durão
Surf Coach – La Point Surf Camp, Ericeira & Sri Lanka


“Since the first year of our surf school, we chose the Softboard Premium for its durability and strength. They are boards with a lot of flotation and a good rocker, great for the first steps of the surfer. We are a demanding customer and Flowt always meets the requirements!

The willingness to receive feeback from us is essential to the school’s connection to the brand.”

Roberto Alves
Owner/Surf Coach – Organic Surf School, Ericeira


“At first we purchased Two Flowt products and we were very surprised. With the Softboards, beginners say they are much more confident than any other brand. They are light to them and resistant to us 🙂

We also have the 6’4 and the 6’8, Epoxy Hardtops. They solve the problem of those who would not amuse themselves with beginner boards, or those who want to rent and we do not worry about broken equipment or security problems.”

José Luís
Owner/Surf Coach – Lombok Surf School, Costa Da Caparica