ECO Boards

Our team is committed to make surfing a more Sustainable Sport. We are working hard on reducing our single use plastic, hand most of our boards will use only Cardboard Packaging. We are also working on ECO Friendly and Recycled alternative materials to make our boards, both fiberglass and resins.

Our ECO Boards are built using the following materials:


The surfboard blank choice for all sustainable surfboards. This is an innovative technology which allows all types of EPS regrind (not just surfboard scraps) to be made into a high grade, moldable material and be put back into production again. Our current Enviro-Foam blanks are made with 25% recycled foam.


Solvent free, bio-based epoxy resin. Components used in the manufacture of ECO-X R130 are made from renewable feedstock and byproduct of existing industrial processes. Production consumes less energy and water than standard petroleum based epoxies, and also reduces wastes and greenhouse gas emission.